Reversed Improv Quilt

Pyra Draculea

Improv piecing, free motion quilting

This quilt was made with an eye to making a thoroughly modern quilt whilst using batiks (in opposition to the stereotypical “modern” quilt using solids or minimalist prints) and also with the intention of making it reversible.

For this side, I worked in an improvised log cabin pattern, stopping occasionally to do some slice and insert piecing.

As you can see in the photo, this quilt won a first place in the Small Modern Quilt in the 2019 Cowichan Exhibition.

The reverse has a series of blocks of uniform size but with improvised slice and insert piecing and was loosely inspired by one of Stacey Day’s quilts that was the model for a Quilt Canada workshop I’d wanted to go to but wasn’t able to attend:

Close-up of the quilting: